New Home - Large Reno Inspections

QCI offers Phase Inspection to clients that are building new homes, restoring old homes or taking on large renovations in the Calgary area.

As the price of  Real Estate and construction in Calgary grows, it is becoming more important for Home Owners and Project Managers to receive inspections from a third party in order to minimize additional expenses by ensuring quality is controlled and standards met throughout the duration of the project.

The municipality and project lenders will complete their own inspections during the build process; however, these inspectors are commissioned to ensure work is completed to a certain stage.  QCI focuses on project completion with an emphasis on quality of work.

QCI will inspect your Project in 4 phases documenting the build from beginning to end in the form of a HORIZON REPORT complete with a list of materials used, a checklist confirming CAHPI standards are being met and pictures to support both of these.   This report is the story of the build process and will serve as the user manual for the home in years to come.