Calgary Home Inspections

QCI offers non-invasive, thorough home inspections (Jonty Kruger License # 341713). The home inspection process can be tough on homes, so we aim to be thorough while leaving the home as we found it.

We encourage you to join us on each inspection. A first hand account will only better explain the Home Inspection report that you will receive within 24 hours via email.

In the report you will find the CAHPI standard fulfillments, method and materials used in the construction of the home,  and any conditions that are unsafe, expensive or are not common for the age of the home.

Our goal is not to to give you a list of deficiencies or chores, rather to give you a good understanding of what your home has and  how to to take care of it.

QCI also offers Infrared or Thermal Imaging inspections. These inspections can take up to a day to complete. To get the best results we must take the images of the outside of your home at different times and temperatures. These inspections help in finding water leaks and problematic electrical circuits, and can help your home become more energy efficient.

 To order a QCI Inspection call (403) 615 4149